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What we strive for


To create an easy, safe, and smart life for everyone


To become the most trusted and respected smart home brand


Dedication / Perfection / Enjoyment

Why Become Our Partner?

Professional surveillance manufacturer

Local warehouse and after-sales support

Free marketing support and product training

Large Battery

Our Battery cameras with a 12,900 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery build in, Up to 270 Days of Battery Life.

IP 65/68

Our cameras offering high levels of protection against dust and water and delivering long-lasting protection in even the toughest weather conditions.

Support night vision

Thanks to two built-in spotlights, some of our cameras can render vivid color imaging even in pitch-black darkness.

H.265 Encode

The camera features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space of the previous H.264

Two-way chat

Some of our cameras supports two-way communication.,You can hear loud and clear. Or talk as if you were there.

Simple installation.

you can install it on your ceiling or wall securely. In just a few minutes, you have a sophisticated security system.

* Features of each HKD security camera may vary. Please go to specific product page for details.

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